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Shipping Methods

Deutschland (Paket)

Ships ToGermany
Dimensions Limit (L x W x H)23.62" x 19.69" x 11.81"
Total Dimensions Limit59.06"
NoteVersand innerhalb Deutschland, versichert und mit Sendungsnachweis
Weight FromWeight ToPrice
0oz66lbs 0ozUS $5.86


Ships ToWorldwide excluding: Austria, Cyprus, Egypt, Ethiopia, Equatorial Guinea, Isle of Man, South Sudan
Dimensions Limit (L x W x H)16.54" x 11.81" x 3.15"
NoteShipping worldwide, with insurance & tracking
Weight FromWeight ToPrice
0oz14.08ozUS $8.20
14.08oz1lbs 13.92ozUS $13.85
1lbs 13.92oz3lbs 15.36ozUS $27.58
Last Updated: 18 Dec 2017